Why Jubilant CEO Andrew Bentinck believes Jubilant are at the forefront of Heritage Modernisation!

 For Jubilant, access to Host systems is at the core of what we do. Because of this our organisation is focussed on helping companies de-risk modernisation and migration strategies. Our experience in this area is clear, we’ve been working with FTSE 100 and Fortune 1000 companies for the last 15 years. Modernisation and migration projects are fraught with risk, organisations expose key dependant systems to a journey that is often impossible to scope for a variety of reasons and are therefore impossible to cost, invariably these projects either fail to deliver the required results or fail completely, this often ends with key project staff walking the plank.With ourJubilant UX Modernization application we are able to de-risk these projects, we provide all the benefits that most organisations are trying to achieve with modernisation or migration as standard. Projects like cloud, mobile access, BYOD and IoT, we deliver a lot of these benefits straight out of the box, so a lot of the compelling events to migrate or modernise are removed, lessoning the pressure to solve the big picture problems all at once. Allowing organisations to modularise their host applications and tackle smaller projects in line with business drivers, keeping key stakeholders on board and ensuring you tackle projects that are manageable and more importantly deliverable.

We were one of the first companies in the UK to sell web browsers, at the time internet browsers and the available content were in their infancy, I very much wanted to make the web browser a key piece of business technology. At the time mainframe and midrange computers were the main way medium and large size organisations delivered transactional systems, in fairness at the time this type of technology was at the heart of most things from transaction processing to stock control, order fulfilment and customer account management. So the obvious solution for me was to develop a way to access these systems through web browsers. Subsequently we have spent the last 20 years at the forefront of delivering these systems over the web. Andrew Bentinck – CEO and Founder, Jubilant Software

A lot of our competitors have only recently started offering web based access as an alternative to their terminal emulation desktop clients, we are fortunate in having done it this way from the beginning, so we haven’t been faced with having to port a clunky desk top application over to the web, this has hampered other vendors in our space, you typically see active X controls or Java applets being used, essentially running a desktop client in a browser window, so it’s not very efficient, adds in additional security vulnerabilities and off course you have to maintain desktop clients software versions. It’s a bit like taking a saloon car and driving off-road as it were, it might get you there, but it won’t be a pleasant journey.Our product was designed from the outset to be delivered from a central location over the web, our core application was always designed to be highly efficient and multithreaded, you have to bare in mind that when we designed our Jubilant  Terminal Emulator, most people connected over a dial up modem, I remember being optimised for 14,400 baud, so as the speed of access to the web has increased and in addition our core has seen continuous iterative development we now have a product that is unsurpassed. It is faster than any desktop client, it is faster than any web based client, we even meter pages and only pass data that changes rather than whole blocks in the IBM universe, similarly we do the reverse in the UNIX character based universe so that we group up data, rather than send each key stroke.Whilst most of our competitors are facing the challenges we tackled over a decade ago we are now looking forward optimising our product for the future of the multi tenanted value based cloud universe, what is more we are already providing solutions that live in that world."