PuTTY Users Urged to Migrate Amidst Imminent Security Threat

Users of the PuTTY freeware terminal emulator have been sent an urgent security warning to stop using the software.

The North Korean state-backed Lazarus group, responsible for the 2016 hacking of the Bangladesh Central Bank and the 2014 Sony data breach are currently engaged in a campaign targeting open-source software. The PuTTY terminal emulator is one of the tools being compromised and weaponized by the group.

Global Mainframe Market Projected to Grow to 3.18 Billion by 2029

Data Bridge Market Research have published an extensive report on the global mainframe market. Tracking the years 2022 – 2029, their report contains data points and analysis that will be vital to all professionals in the legacy space and beyond. Jubilant are summarizing their key findings in this article, while the full report can be downloaded here.



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