Government Organizations Removing Java Get 30% Discount on their Terminal Emulator

The clock has started on Java elimination across the US government, with all local and federal government organizations mandated to remove the Java applet/ JVM from their infrastructure by 2020.

Due to significant security vulnerabilities and reducing browser support, Java has been declining for many years, but this is the first time that government organizations have faced deadline.

Terminal emulation will be the main hurdle to fully eradicating Java. Flynet are seeing hundreds of enquiries from public organizations seeking a solution. The majority of government organizations use an emulator to access their critical systems, but some of the largest terminal emulator vendors rely the Java Applet, or Active X plugin to deliver their solutions, which means. Flynet are providing government organizations with a secure, zero-client, java free solution that runs on any browser and on any device.

Flynet Viewer is also delivering government organizations with a raft of additional benefits, including:

  • Enhanced security
  • Centralized maintenance and deployment
  • Access from any device, browser or OS
  • Improved connection stability
  • Reduced bandwidth use
  • Improved speed and
  • Personal support

Join the many government organizations already benefitting from improved terminal emulation, request pricing now to secure your 30% government discount.

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