Jubilant are delighted to be selected as IGEL's preferred supplier of terminal emulation

IGEL partner with Jubilant to provide new and improved Terminal Emulation and Legacy System Connectivity


A new technical partnership that will cut the cost of running legacy and heritage systems and dramatically improve the administration and accessibility of host system environments has been announced. The partnership is between IGEL, a world leader in the delivery of powerful workspace management software, software-defined thin clients, and thin and zero client solutions and Jubilant, a leading supplier of host server integration software and services.


Under the terms of the partnership the two enterprise software companies will co-operate on sales and marketing initiatives with Jubilant acting as the IGEL preferred supplier of terminal emulation, legacy system modernization and migration software.  


Matthias Haas, IGEL Director of Product Management, stated: “After a thorough evaluation of the terminal emulation and legacy system connectivity market, IGEL selected Jubilant as “Best in Class”, the only vendor to fully support mobile, cloud, IoT, BYOD and SOA out of the box in one simple stack.”


Jubilant Terminal Emulator™ enables IGEL to deliver enterprise class reliability, security, performance, extensibility, mobility and agility when connecting to legacy and heritage environments. IGEL customers will therefore benefit from proven efficiency savings and system improvements with the addition of Jubilant Terminal Emulator to the IGEL product suite.  


Christian Rule, Director of Business Transformation at Jubilant added: “We are looking for new partnerships that increase the agility and accessibility of heritage and legacy systems for end-users, and make it easier for IT organisations to centralize and manage workspaces across the enterprise. Through this relationship with IGEL we will be able to increase our footprint in the market, delivering vastly improved terminal emulation and legacy system connectivity for the IGEL product suite and its customer base.


“It’s our view that there is a common misconception that enabling legacy and heritage systems to freely participate and contribute to modern initiatives like big data, cloud and mobile is difficult and costly to achieve.  With our suite of applications organisations quickly realise you can deliver most of these projects with our out-of-the-box functionality, moreover you can do this in days not years,” he added.


In addition IGEL partners will benefit from a highly supportive vendor that will add tremendous value to the distribution and resale process.  IGEL partners will receive increased go to market advantage with the superior offering from Jubilant which connects to a broad range of host and legacy systems and deploys to any device.