Jubilant, Customer Support, and You

In a recent report published by TechTarget, talking to 500+ IT Decision Makers, it was revealed that 25% of software purchasers would consider switching their vendor if they experienced poor customer service. This eclipsed what might be traditionally considered as more immediate concerns, with security breaches placed at 22% and cost savings moving 17%. Clearly of all the compelling events which could hit a company, a bad experience with customer support can really shift opinions: and purchasing decisions.

The reasons for this are understandable, especially within the terminal emulation market. An efficient and well supported terminal emulator is always going to be an asset to your business, allowing to get the data you want, whenever you need it. Safe, secure, dependable. This is especially vital given that terminal emulation systems often touch many different areas of business: from accounting, to HR, marketing, technology, sales and beyond. As such faults, or issues, which are not promptly fixed can have a major knock-on effect across the entire company.

A delay in customer service could therefore mean the difference between a quickly-patched fix, and several lost days of business.

Because we know how important this is to our clients Jubilant have placed customer service at the heart of our sales cycle. In fact it’s something we pride ourselves on. We do this because we’ve seen first hand, over the course of 20 years, that good support means loyal customers. It’s why Jubilant offers bespoke Proof of Concept creation, fully Penetration tested assurance, an expert team of developers to aid with training and a 24-7 round the clock support framework, with our experts online and ready to help whenever trouble strikes.

We want to be there for you, to make sure your terminal emulator is as healthy as your business.