What SHARE 2018 says About the Mainframe Market

If anyone needed proof about the strength and vitality of the Mainframe in the modern workplace they could find it at SHARE St Louis. Held across 6 days in the impressive America’s Convention Center, the convention was attended by over 1,000 mainframe professionals from some of the world’s largest organisations. Most impressively 320 first time registrations pointed to the real dynamism and long term prospects for the industry. SHARE is a forum where modern and classic, experienced and new mingle, and this proved to be a great environment for vendors to work in.

Jubilant’s stand in full swing on Tuesday

Jubilant were exhibiting our Robot Process Automation system at the event, continuing our promotion with the cutting edge of terminal emulation and process automation. The breadth of attendees, from experienced mainframe companies and vendors always sparks some excellent conversations and insight. Jubilant surveyed over 200 attendees to give us a unique insight into the future of the mainframe market. The report we are currently collating makes for interesting reading for any organisation in the mainframe market.

Jubilant Founder Andrew Bentinck presenting Devin with his grand prize

The clear of high point of Jubilant’s attendance was our ‘Beat the Robot’ Rubik’s Cube Competition. The theme was chosen to coincide with our Robot Process Automation promotion, and the competition proved to be a big hit. Our specially designed Lego robot was programmed to solve any Rubik’s Cube in the quickest time possible.
50 entrants tried their hand to make the Rubik’s Cube as complicated as possible. Competition was strong- with many entrants returning to the stand to watch others compete. But the winner was Devin, who came in with a fantastic time of 130.1 seconds. Events like SHARE really help bring the mainframe community together, and Jubilant were proud to play a part in that.