Jubilant Terminal Emulator- Secure and Compliant Terminal Emulation

Secure Terminal Emulator

Terminal emulators are a necessary component of any transaction heavy infrastructure; unfortunately many emulators have created an escalating security and compliance vulnerability. The risks can be grouped into three main areas.

Centralization and Maintenance
Thick client emulators, with separate installs on each device are impossible to maintain with large user volumes. Patches cannot be installed quickly enough to meet regulatory pressures and cause unnecessary downtime. This leaves organisations vulnerable to attack and in breach of PCI DSS. 

Unsupported plugins
Most thin client emulators rely on Java or Active X plugins, these plugins are no longer supported by the major browsers and Oracle have announced the deprecation of the Java Applet, which they will no longer be supporting, or patching. This leaves organisations with three options, run unsupported software and hope for the best, use the client install Web Start work around (limiting features and creating client side maintenance) or move to a zero client emulator. 

Most zero client emulators are in their infancy, a reactionary answer to the problems above. Unfortunately, most are lacking the user auditing that is required of many large organisations, especially in the wake of GDPR. They also cannot take advantage of latest security innovations.

The Answer
Organisations need to look for a fully featured, zero client terminal emulator. Jubilant Terminal Emulator is a pure HTML web based terminal emulator, it doesn’t have any client side software. Unlike most zero client emulators, Jubilant Terminal Emulator was designed to be zero client from inception, almost twenty years ago. Competing directly against thick client emulators in features and performance. Passing a thorough KPMG penetration test, Jubilant Terminal Emulator has the following security features. 

Security Features
All Jubilant Terminal Emulator communications made between the server and host are made over a telnet connection secured by a SSL/TLS wrapper. All Jubilant Terminal Emulator communications made between the application server and the client are primarily conducted using WebSockets and where this is not supported HTTPs is used.

• Supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v3.0 and TLS v1.0, v.1.2, v1.3 and SSL) encryption.
• Provides SSL authentication using digital client certificates, user generated as well as third party. Standard authentication technology is built into Jubilant Terminal Emulator. 
• FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptographic Module .
• Supports NT domain authentication / Active Directory / Azure Directory authentication. 
• Supports multi-factor authentication
• Supports most off the shelf and proprietary IAM and SSO solutions with templates available for integration.

"Jubilant Terminal Emulator gave us a quick solution to a pressing business productivity need. Jubilant supported us with development guidelines and advice, which have helped us to produce a fast, seamless solution at very low cost." Andrew Brown, Canada Life

Extra Benefits
Customers have been migrating to Jubilant from both thin and thick client emulators for a  number of years, even before browsers started dropping support for the plugins and ransomware threats became more problematic . Jubilant Terminal Emulator offers the following extra benefits:

• Can be hosted in the cloud, remote data center or locally on premises
• Any device, including PC, thin client, tablet and mobile
• More cost effective and flexible licensing
• Supports virtualization and centralization strategies
• Macro Wizards – common server and client tasks reduced to a key press
• Custom UIs to increase accessibility
• Connects to Mainframe, Unix/Linux, AIX, VAX, VMS, MultiValue
• Fully programmable - documented API
• Full MS Office and Office 365 integration
• Ultra high performance - engineered for the web
• Up to 1000 times data lighter than competition
• Up to a 100 times faster than competition
• Provides a solid foundation for further modernization and integration using Jubilant’s no code web service generator and no code user interface modernization tool.

Jubilant offer a fully supported, free 30-day evaluation of the Jubilant Terminal Emulator.