Action Required: Organizations Using Internet Explorer for Terminal Emulation

On June 15th 2022 Microsoft will be ending support for Internet Explorer , and will begin the final push to make all users switch to their alternative Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft have also announced that as of Windows 11 they will be removing access to Internet Explorer entirely on their operating system.

On June 15th 2022 Internet Explorer will no longer receive security updates or support from Microsoft, meaning that organizations who continue to use the web browser are using unsupported and insecure software, potentially invalidating both their insurance and compliance requirements.

Internet Explorer was the last browser to support the NPAPI API which allowed plugins to be integrated into web browsers. Many terminal emulators still require NPAPI to function, such as those relying on the Java plugin or ActiveX components.

Organizations still relying on Internet Explorer will therefore need to migrate to an alternative emulator which does not contain applets or plugins. This is especially the case if organizations are offering access to their systems to outside clients, increasing their liability for providing safety and security to clients.

Many organizations have already made the switch to an alternative terminal emulator. Any organizations still relying on an Internet Explorer-dependent emulator are encouraged to start evaluating an alternative terminal emulator as soon as possible, to ensure they can meet their insurance and compliance requirements.

Flynet Viewer is a pure html terminal emulator which means it requires no applets or plugins and can function on any operating system or web browser. In order to meet the June deadline and protect your organization get in touch with Flynet today.

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