Jubilant Terminal Emulator Replaces Ericom Powerterm for IGEL Terminal Emulation

IGEL have announced that as of 2019, they will no longer be including Ericom PowerTerm as their bundled terminal emulator.

IGEL customers can now easily switch to Jubilant Terminal Emulator, for uninterrupted, easy access to their legacy systems.

Jubilant includes all the current functionality of PowerTerm as well as numerous other benefits including:

  • Central deployment and maintenance
  • Complete security – penetration tested by KPMG and secured with HTTPS, WebSockets and latest SSL/TLS
  • Macro Wizards – common server and client tasks reduced to a key press
  • Connects to Mainframe, IBM i (AS400/iSeries), Unix/Linux, VAX, VMS, MultiValue and more.
  • Fully programmable - documented API
  • Works on all devices and operating systems

To discuss your Jubilant migration please fill in the following details and one of our product consultants will contact you.