Replace Ericom PowerTerm

Many customers using PowerTerm InterConnect, PowerTerm WebConnect and the PowerTerm thin client solutions, are looking for an alternative, single solution for all devices and operating systems that does not rely of Java or Active X.

Benefits of Flynet Viewer Terminal Emulator

  • One version for all devices and operating systems
  • Enables instant mobile access
  • Doesn’t require any Java Plugins or Active X
  • Doesn’t require any software to be installed or maintained on the access devices
  • Centrally deployed and maintained
  • Completely secure – Penetration tested by KPMG
  • Secured with HTTPS, WebSockets and latest SSL/TLS
  • Can be hosted in the cloud, remote data centre or locally on premises
  • Supports virtualisation and centralisation strategies
  • Macro Wizards – common server and client tasks reduced to a key press
  • Custom UIs to increase accessibility
  • As well as Mainframe, also connects to IBM i (AS400/iSeries), Unix/Linux, VAX, VMS, MultiValue and more.
  • Fully programmable - documented API
  • Full MS Office and Office 365 integration
  • Ultra high performance - engineered for the web
  • Up to 1000 times data lighter than competition
  • Up to a 100 times faster than competition
  • Provides a solid foundation for further modernization and integration using Flynet’s no code web service generator and no code user interface modernization tool.

Ericom customers using IGEL can now benefit from a dedicated Ericom replacement program for IGEL.

Flynet offer a fully supported, free 30-day evaluation of the Flynet Terminal Emulator, please select your preferred download method.