Web Based Terminal Emulator

Web Based Terminal Emulator

Jubilant Web Based Terminal Emulator

Flynet Viewer is a high performance, pure HTML terminal emulator, providing instant connectivity to mainframe, IBM i (iSeries/AS400), Unix/Linux, VAX, VMS and MultiValue systems (or any system running a standard green screen protocol such as IBM 3270, Telnet, 5250 or VT220).

Jubilant Terminal Emulator Benefits

  • Zero client- No software on the access device, no applets, plugins or installs
  • Centralized administration and maintenance
  • Works on any device, using any browser (including legacy browsers, even if they don't support HTML 5)
  • Secure- Supports WebSockets, latest SSL/TLS and KPMG penetration tested
  • Fast- Extremely performant, surpassing even desktop emulators
  • Data light
  • Cloud, data center or locally hosted (also available in MS Azure and in Oracle Cloud)
  • Macro wizards – Common server and client tasks reduced to a key press
  • Custom UIs - Increase accessibility
  • Fully programmable - documented API
  • Full MS Office and Office 365 integration
  • Easily extendible with automatic web service generation and UI modernization options

Jubilant offer a fully supported, free 30-day evaluation of the Jubilant Terminal Emulator.