Windows 10 Attachmate Reflections Alternative

Is Micro Focus/ Attachmate Reflections stopping you upgrading to Windows 10?

Customers of Micro Focus, or Attachmate as they were previously known, are currently plagued with access issues after discovering that versions 14 and earlier are not compatible with Windows 10.

Is it practical to expect customers to upgrade to the latest version of Reflections to restore functionality? Or is there a way to future proof legacy application access and divest it from any operating system changes?

Customers are turning to web based terminal emulators with no client-side software, like Flynet Viewer, to solve their current access solutions and prevent similar situations arising in the future.

Benefits of the web-based Flynet Viewer Terminal Emulator

  • Works on all operating systems
  • Works on any device
  • All the benefits of premium desktop emulator and more, without client-side software
  • Centrally maintained and administered
  • Thoroughly penetration tested by KPMG
  • Supports the latest security and hardening including SSL, TLS and multi-factor authentication
  • Provides access options for external stakeholders
  • Provides a framework for UI modernization and automation (if desired)
  • Cost effective

Flynet can provide a cost-effective alternative to Attachmate Reflections and restore your legacy application access in as little as 15 minutes.

Flynet offer a fully supported, free 30-day evaluation of the Flynet Terminal Emulator, please select your preferred download method.